Our Services for Software Providers

Healthcare software providers can integrate into comjoodoc. This will allow them to then integrate their services smoothly into supply chains across organizational boundaries.
By using our services, you can also provide state-of-the-art functions for collaboration and support of integrated care processes.

Our customers are providers of HIS or AIS as source or target systems for data exchange between health care providers. We integrate with maximum interoperability based on the latest HL7 FHIR technology. Providers of special functions, such as appointment scheduling or communication services, can create added value for their customers with our services. They can then address a broader market. We also support app vendors on their way into the digital healthcare market.

Our customers also avoid individual efforts by preparing for integration with health insurance services and with telematics infrastructure offers.

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Areas of Application

Software providers can use comjoodoc in these areas:

  • Jointly coordinating patient status, diagnoses and therapies in case discussions
  • Implementing new digital revenue models
  • Caring jointly for patients in nursing homes or home care
  • Monitoring and digital intervention of chronically ill or multimorbid patients


comjoodoc offers these functions:

  • The integration of software in supply processes on comjoodoc PRO
  • Our customers can book your service right through our app
  • comjoodoc PRO functions via API for use in your own software
  • Authentication services
  • Interfaces-as-a-service
  • Trust Services


By working with comjoodoc, you can:

  • Gain better market access
  • Create added value from your own solutions
  • Develop new sources of revenue

Why is this unique?

The special thing about comjoodoc:

  • comjoodoc is an open platform
  • Our platform offers state-of-the-art standards for interoperability
  • comjoodoc requires low implementation costs

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