comjoodoc Takes the Lead of the MACSS Project

The conclusion of the MACSS-project was celebrated in a ceremony in the Medical History Museum of the Charité Berlin on March 18th 2019. MACSS stands for “Medical Allround-Care Service Solution” and lays an innovative foundation for the optimization of the quality of care for patients, for example after kidney transplantation. Using an app, the patient can forward his or her vital data (blood pressure, temperature, weight, etc.) to a telemedicine team at the Berlin Transplant Center, which can then efficiently react to possible complications occuring after the transplantation. The patient can measure vital parameters at home, at work or on vacation.

DACE is a further development from MACSS. The acronym stands for “Digital Allround Care Ecosystem”. It enables the telemedicine team to contact patients as well as other health care professionals such as pharmacists or physiotherapists. In addition to communication functions, it offers a team-based to-do list and will be gradually expanded with additional functions.
Data protection is taken into account in accordance with the EU-DSGVO and monitored by external specialists. A certification as a medical device is in process. Furthermore, there is the possibility of secure storage of data and digital forms that can be shared with other users and the digitization of routinely recurring work processes. The aim here is to break up nerve-racking structures and thus save time and nerves.

As a further development of MACSS, DACE was presented to the audience at the closing event. MACSS is integrated into DACE as a so-called Smart Service. In the future, data resulting from the communication between doctors and patients as well as forwarded vital parameters can be evaluated anonymously by AI applications with the aim of further optimizing the care of kidney transplanted patients.